We are the provider for high-quality video advertising in the TV environment on CTV, mobile and desktop with all tracking and measurement benefits of digital advertising.


  • Connected TV is the most used device

  • Dynamic Ad Substitution is TV Spot 2.0

  • First Party Data & Audience Targeting

  • Above-average VTRs

  • Over 200 TV channels in Germany, many of them in Full-HD

  • First certified climate-neutral streaming provider

Dynamic Ad Substitution (DAS)

Dynamic Ad Substitution enables the exchange of linear TV spots in the live advertising blocks with user-targeted spots. This exchange is seamless.
Dynamic Ad Substitution combines highest quality and top-of-the-class awareness of TV advertising with digital targeting opportunities:

- reach potential 48 Mio. contacts p.m.
- additional OTT Audience
- high VTRs through audience targeting

Connected TV CTV

CTV - Top Level Awareness

Connected TVs are the most used devices of our users. This includes smart TVs, streaming devices and gaming consoles.
Experience maximum reach with Dynamic Ad Substitution and Channel Switch Ad and benefit from:

- a CTV reach potential of 35 million contacts p.m.
- maximum Awareness
- a high premium user base

Our portfolio

Whether Video Bundle, Dynamic Ad Substitution or Channel Switch Ad (Preroll), whether CTV or Multiscreen - we offer the most innovative advertising products with the largest selection of targeting options - also individually and seasonally.

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1.5 Mio.

Active Users*

*GiK Q1 2024 & Zattoo Data June 2024


CTV usage

56 Mio.

InStream AdRequests p. m.


Party Targeting

targeting ads

1st Party Targeting: 

  • Sociodemographic:
    Age, Gender, Language

  • TV-based interests:
    Genre & Category

  • Geo & Device:
    e.g language region & device

  • Audience Segments:
    User interest targeting: Over 22 predefined audience segments as well as seasonal and individual audience segments.

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Portrait of Marie Langgaertner

Your Contact Person at Zattoo

Marie Langgärtner
Director Sales Advertising Germany

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Our answers to your questions

What is Dynamic Ad Substitution (DAS)?

DAS refers to the seamless exchange of an existing live commercial with a targeted commercial, depending on which targeting criteria the user in front of the screen meets.

What types of advertising does the Video Bundle include?

The Video Bundle includes Prerolls or Channel Switch Ads, which are shown before the broadcast content during the switching process, as well as Dynamic Ad Substitution, which seamlessly replaces an existing ad unit.

How do our audience segments work?

We analyze the viewing behavior of users and form interest-based audience clusters. These segments are used in campaigns with the corresponding interest target group. The best results are achieved by minimizing wastage.

What are the differences between linear and Internet television?

Instead of a cable or satellite connection, all you need for TV streaming is Internet access. Zattoo is the leading TV streaming provider in Europe for live and time-shifted TV on all Internet-enabled devices such as CTVs, laptops or cell phones.

What do we mean by Connected TVs?

Connected TVs (CTVs) are all Internet-enabled big-screen devices that can be used to stream TV programming. These include smart TVs, streaming devices such as Google Chromecast, Fire TV Stick and Apple TV, and gaming consoles.