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In light of the ongoing war in Ukraine, Zattoo has decided to create a new web player for Ukrainian TV channels. Watch many popular Ukrainian TV channels in livestream. The award winning web player is accessible online and anywhere in the world free of charge with Zattoo.
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About Zattoo Ukrainian TV

We at Zattoo are working to make television more accessible for everyone independent of their location. We strive to provide an opportunity for people who have been forced to leave their homes due to the ongoing war in Ukraine an opportunity to continue watching Ukrainian television on the Internet. For this purpose, we have set up this page with a selection of Ukrainian and international TV news channels that anyone can access easily, free of charge and from anywhere in the world.

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Zattoo Ukrainian TV

Which channels are available via the web player?

The following channels are currently available via the Ukrainian web player: 1+1 International, Inter, ICTV, Rada TV, Ukraina 24, UATV, OstWest, Euronews Russian/English/German, Al Jazeera English and Deutsche Welle German/English.

In which countries can I use the web player?

The Zattoo web player can be used from anywhere in the world.

Do I need a Zattoo account or do I have to pay to use it?

No, the web player can be used free of charge without a Zattoo account.

On which devices can the web player be used?

The web player can be used on all devices via the internet browser, e.g. on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

What internet connection do I need to use the web player?

For the channels in HD quality, you need a download speed of at least 5 Mbit/s and for the channels in SD quality, 3 Mbit/s. If you use only the audio version, you need about 150 kbit/s.

What if I have a bad internet connection?

If you have a bad internet connection, you can also stream audio only with our player. This consumes significantly less data volume and can be used even if the screen of your device is switched off.

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About Zattoo

Zattoo offers live and time-shifted TV (with possibility to pause, fast forward, watch from beginning or record programs) simply via the internet. With Zattoo, users in Switzerland, Germany and Austria can watch numerous TV channels and a selection of video-on-demand content on almost all available devices via the Zattoo app. Founded in 2005, we employ over 220 people and have our headquarters in Zurich and another location in Berlin. Since 2020, we are also the first certified carbon-neutral TV streaming provider.

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